E-discussion Forum

In South and Southeast Asia, there are many discourses that involve sexuality – reproductive health, gender, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, adolescents, LGBTIQ rights, sexual rights and many more. We are constantly engaging each other when trying to develop programmes, policy, and guidelines around sexuality. Yet, it isn’t enough. We are still looking for the language and the spaces to learn more and articulate the diverse realities we see around issues of sexuality.

This e-discussion forum is an effort to increase dialogue around issues of sexuality that are relevant to this region and to discuss and debate issues that are controversial and critical to the movement on sexual rights. It is our hope that the discussion forum will help to contribute to better understanding how sexuality as an issue is understood by people in this region, and in an effort to help others to use the debates to improve upon their own work.

The e-forum is for activists, practitioners, academics, students, researchers, and anyone who is interested in issues around sexuality to dialogue with each other, express their opinions, contribute ideas, and share experiences of working on issues of sexuality. The forum is an open debate which encourages diversity of opinion and critiques of current debates.