Brad Roemer’s Ah-Ha Moment: De-Cluttering Effects on the Mind

For some, de-cluttering is something they look forward to come springtime. For others, it’s a dragged-on project that they are resistant to tackle. Brad Roemer is definitely found in the first category of those two personality types, however that doesn’t stop him from continuously finding ways to motivate and excite his clients to take this task head on. Brad Roemer therefore decided to take his turn by conducting a study concerning the stress levels appropriated to clutter in one’s home. The research findings were astounding.


An intriguing study done at UCLA with the help of Brad Roemer first gave married couples a video tour of their home, in which they were to describe each room of their home. Frenzied words that emulated their stress such as “chaotic” and “messy” were tracked by Brad Roemer and his team along with calming words such as “soothing” and “serene”. Afterwards, the cortisol levels of the couples were tracked for several days.


It was found that out of the women who had the more stressful words used to describe their home, they were less likely to experience the natural drop of cortisol during the day. However, the women who had more restorative words (the calming, soothing words) were found to have a less depressed mood throughout the day versus those who had the high-strung emotions concerning their homes. This directly goes to show that the havoc and clutter that exists in your home can truly resonate with your body and mind.


This goes to show that de-cluttering your closet come spring is a necessity. Brad Roemer loves to enable this journey by first emptying all the contents of your closet. You need to have it in your mind that one third of your clothing has to be donated, while the rest you can keep. Most people in fact only use a small portion of their clothes every year. Those pieces that are too big for you? Get them tailored. That dress you’ve never worn but received as a gift? Donate it, who are you kidding. You are never going to wear it since it wasn’t your style in the first place. Do your body and mind a service by decreasing your cortisol levels and cleaning out that monstrous closet of yours this spring. Your mental health is worth the work of de-cluttering.

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