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The South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality website hosts information on a comprehensive range of issues related to sexuality.   It is a rich resource for activists, academics, researchers, students and policymakers working on sexuality and related issues of sexual and reproductive rights and health, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, sex work, LGBT issues, and so on.

The website provides information about education and training courses, electronic databases, journals, online documents, news articles, and announcements related to issues of sexuality in the region. The website also hosts an online library search engine that provides a listing for all materials in the Resource Centre library. Details of the Resource Centre programmes are also provided.

Recent news:

  • Focus on Need for Bringing the Transgendered to Mainstream

Hindu – Chennai, India, September 28, 2007

Led by Member of Parliament Kanimozhi, speakers at a seminar here on Thursday underscored the need for initiatives for brining the transgendered to the mainstream.
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  • Defining Waria

Inside Indonesia – Indonesia, October 1, 2007

While the organisers of the Miss Waria Indonesia event appear to be at pains to distance the pageant and its participants from association with the negative stereotypes of waria, there is at least some tacit acknowledgement that the behaviours associated with the stereotype do continue to characterise the waria community.
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  • Muslim Women in India Seek Secular Justice 

Pakistan Christian Post – Karachi, Pakistan, October 1, 2007

Frail, exhausted, illiterate Imrana is one woman among tens of thousands in the many villages of India. Yet Imrana–in rural India women are often known only by their first names–is becoming a symbol of change and resilience for Muslim women across the country.
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  • Seven Year Old Made to Strip in School – New Delhi, September 30, 2007

Rakhi had forgotten to finish her homework the previous day, so she expected to be pulled up, perhaps even caned. What she didn’t expect was being made to take off her clothes in front of her classmates.
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  • Sexual Harassment at Workplaces

The News – International – Pakistan, September 28, 2007

Reinforcement of law against sexual harassment at workplace should be made mandatory in all public and private sector organisations and a code of conduct should be adopted to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for women at workplaces, said speakers at a seminar organised by Alliance Against Sexual Harassment (AASHA).
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